Terrix Systems

Terrix is a revolutionary new technology that is changing the way people and contractors render and fit external wall insulation to buildings.


We use patented Polymer-Silicate technology throughout our product range that ensures that our renders stay looking good long into the future whilst also doing their job.  No more algae growth or colour fading, buildings retain their aesthetic over time with that ‘just completed’ look.


The Polymer-Silicate renders can be offered as a complete external wall insulation system, in conjunction with a choice of insulation such as expanded polystyrene, mineral wool and polyretene which offer unique advantages over any other EWI system.


Proving that insulation is not always a case of ‘thicker is better’, we can also offer other internal wall insulation such as Aerotherm.  It’s optimum depth is 1mm and works with reflection technology to prevent conductive heat from escaping. Made possible by hollow glass microspheres, which absorb and then reflect radiant energy back into the room, this keeps the overall temperature of any space balanced against the consistent wall-to-wall distribution of heat.

Terrix®IP-ST-P paint is based on innovative Swiss technology combining a silicate and dispersive binding agents. Due to its vapour permeable characteristic, it allows walls to naturally receive and give off moisture. In “wet rooms” (such as kitchens, bathrooms, laundry rooms, basements) the excess of moisture in the air may be easily reduced. Another important property of the paint is its resistance to microbial contamination (e.g. black mould). Its very high Ph level offers natural and far better protection than other systems.

Benefits to the customer

  1. No flaking or cracking as Terrix® IP-ST-P paints bond to the substrate by chemical reaction,. Traditional paints create a film on top of a substrate which can lead to peeling or cracking.
  2. Very high resistance to dirt, not achievable by organic based paints on the market (all emulsions including acrylic, latex and silicon) it is due to its mineral formulation therefore lack of surface electrostatics. The dust wont’t be attracted to the paint.
  3. Very high resistance to yellowing – Built in UV blockers to maintain original look of paint.
  4. Black mould and algae resistance – Increased Ph level (high alkalinity) delivers natural and long lasting protection. Terrix® IP-ST-P paints do not contain any Biocide (which are not recommended for internal use)
  5. Very high resistance to wet scrubbing and washing. The product exceeds Category I (BS-EN-13300) requirements and it is suitable for use in heavy traffic areas.
  6. Suitability for swimming pools and high moisture environments due to its high permeable characteristics and chemical bonding to the substrate.
  7. Sprayable application:
    • increased speed and quality of application
    • very easy for patching and spot repairs
  8. No mist coat or priming required – sprayable directly onto plaster due to its chemical bonding properties. Two coats of paint only required.
  9. Deep, quality matt appearance – smooth, velvety finish that does not reflect light and provides a luxury appearance. The deep matt finish can also mask any wall imperfections.
  10. Spot repairs – the product can be easily spot repaired without leaving any visible patches which is usually impossible to achieve with all other deep matt or matt paints available on the market
  11. Natural regulation of moisture levels due to microporous structure enabling the “free” travel of moisture and use of hydroscopic proprieties of the wall. Lower moisture levels means less expensive heating and lower risk of development of any asthmatic health conditions.

Benefits to the decorator

1. Spray application – up to 10 times faster than traditional application.

2. No cracks, flaking or paint lifting even on substrates with high levels of moisture content, due to chemical bonding and full vapour permeability.

3. Easy spot repairs – effortless snagging and seamless spot repairs – the product consistency and formulation allows for simple snagging without need to repaint entire wall.

4. Can be applied on not fully dry substrates – due to the polymer-silicate prosperities of the product, it is fully vapour permeable and therefore the paint can be used for difficult applications like old damp buildings or new builds where walls and renders are still wet and use of standard parts would require minimum 30 days of curing.

5. Superior matt finish – hiding substrate imperfections. As matt surfaces are not reflecting light it is much easier to use the product on non perfect walls or ceilings.

6. Drip free – less wastage and mess – the high viscosity of the paint makes it painter friendly product and highly suitable for ceilings application.

7. No mist coat required – smaller material usage and less time required. The product is partly absorbed by the substrate and then chemical reaction is developed.

8. Touch dry after 15 minutes – second coat can be applied almost immediately.

Terrix® PL-SX-S A spray plaster based on Polymer-Silicate. Ready to use plaster for machine levelling of interior walls and ceilings. Especially recommended for finishing levelling and smoothing of surface before painting. Its white colour and smooth surface allows for 2 coat only with no primer before paint finish. When set hardened, the easy-to-apply Polymer-Silicate compound ensures good workability by a very light sanding. Suitable for use on all typical mineral surfaces: including concrete, cement, cement-calciferous, lime and gypsum render and gypsum boards.

Benefits to the customer

  1. Higher productivity outputs – up to 500m2/man/day
  2. Due to the full vapour permeability of the Terrix® spray plaster there is no need to wait for taping and jointing to be fully dry – the product can be applied on the same day.
  3. Chemical bonding – the product is permanently connected to the substrate. There is no risk of cracking or flaking.
  4. Chemical accelerated set – the product is less sensitive to weather conditions meaning Terrix® spray plaster is ready for painting usually next day, in extreme situations after 3 days. Traditional skim coats and competitor’s spray coats during winter conditions needs up to two weeks to be ready for painting.
  5. Very clean application process – spray plaster is premixed and does not required water or mixing on site. Additionally there is almost no overspray which means very little cleaning after application.
  6. The quality of the finish is much better then standard skim coat plastering or other systems . It is delivering a very smooth, decorative surface quality not achievable with skim coat plastering.
  7. The Terrix® Spray Plaster is fully compatible with Terrix® premium dispersion- silicate paint.
  8. The chemical formulation of the product and its application prosperities allow for more consistent finish leading to very little snagging.
  9. Health and safety benefits:
    • Less operatives on site leading to reduced risk of accidents.
    • Reduced risk of falling from heights – ability to spray up to 3m without scaffolding.
    • Very clean application process – spray plaster is premixed and does not required water or mixing on site. Additionally there is almost no overspray which means very little cleaning after application.
    • Reduced dust risk on site. If Terrix® Self-levelling spray plaster is used, no sanding is required.

Benefits to the plasterer

1. Lower labour cost due to the increased output. Up to 500m2/man/day.

2. Ready to use – no mixing or water on site required.

3. Less skilled labour required due to the ease of application. Terrix® spray plaster is extremely easy for spraying, wiping and sanding.

4. Minimising days on site – Due to the products permeability and partly chemical set capabilities the work process can be accelerated, in return releasing the areas ahead of program for others trades.

5. Highly reduced snagging due to consistent finish